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satish Mishra asked 5 years ago

What is the best month to go Nag tibba Trek

santosh Staff replied 5 years ago

It depends when you want to do trek.
Its a weekend Trek and available throughout the year, You might love to do this in winters if you are snow lovers. snow is in abbuandance and you will love it. In summers you can esacepe the heat of summer and can visit nag tibaa.
Navigate to following web resource to know temprature varies across winters.

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kunal panwar answered 5 years ago

The best time to  Nag Tibba Trek is 

  • the summer months, from April to June,
  • and the winter months, from October to December.

For travelers who would love to experience snow fall or snow trekking, 

  • the best months to travel to Nag Tibba would be January to March.
prannoy chowdary answered 5 years ago

Best Time to Visit Nag Tibba Trek
The best time to undertake the Nag Tibba Trek
In Summers: Summer in Nag Tibba is pleasant and salubrious. The Himalayas can be seen from the distance. There is always a cool breeze blowing to further comfort you. It would be wise to carry light woolens with you in case the night become colder.
In Monsoons: The lush greenery of Nag Tibba is irresistible in the monsoons. There is no better experience than sipping on your cup of tea while gazing at the snow-capped peaks of Nag Tibba while raindrops dance all around you. There could be landslides that result in blocked roads for hours, but still the scenic beauty of Nag Tibba is worth all the trouble. Remember to carry raincoats, of course!
In Winters: If you are looking for serenity and peaceful solitude, you cannot go wrong with the Nag Tibba trek in winters. There will be snowfall during winters, but you can still enjoy the vision of Nag Tibba during winters that is incomparable to anything else. This is what heaven on earth will look like. Winters in Nag Tibba have freezing temperatures so remember to carry heavy woolens.