kedarkantha trek or barhmatal trek

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pooja asked 5 years ago

Should I plan for Kedarkantha trek or Brahmatal trek in the winter 

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santosh Staff answered 11 months ago

Even as both are winter snow treks, the amount of snow varies to an extent on these trails. You need to plan any of these trek,

Rohit kumar answered 11 months ago

Kedarkantha Trek to be better in terms of the summit views. There is a thrill of trekking in the night with your head torches on and looking forward to those first rays of sunlight in the bitter cold.  It’s a surreal experience.

Ganesh Mukherjee answered 11 months ago

Kedarkantha trek and Brahmatal trek both are the best winter trek, From December to March it is the peak winter season in Uttarakhand,  if you are a beginner and is willing to do both the treks, You can choose one trek per year and do both the treks during the peak winter time,

sandeep bera answered 11 months ago

If it’s your first trek, then go for Kedarkantha. It’s absolutely beautiful and comparatively easier than Brahmatal Trek 

Soumik answered 11 months ago

Kedarkantha Trek  can be very crowded, even in the winters. so plan brahmtal trek