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Ramesh soni asked 4 years ago

i want to interested in rupin pass trek without transport  , but i have some question

  1. How to reach Dhauala from Dehradun?
  2. how to reach sangla to simla

can i get easily transport from both side,

charan singh replied 4 years ago

There are 3 buses which leaves early morning around 5:00 AM. To 8:00 AM Buses to Sankri leave from Dehradun railway station. You can get down at Naitwar and look for shared vehicle going towards Dhaula from there.
Naitwar to dhaula cost :- should cost about 800 – 1000 Rs. for a vehicle to drop you to Dhaula. It will take about 40 minutes from Naitwar.

From Dehradun, you will get easily shared taxi to Purola and Mori . From Mori, you get the next shared jeep to Naitwar which is 11 kms in distance. It takes about 30 minutes to reach Naitwar from Mori. From Naitwar, one road goes to Dhaula From mori you can book a jeep to Dhaula
From mori you can book jeep to dhaula,it takes about 60 minutes to reach dhaula, which will cost you 600 – 1000 Rs.

Fore more informatiom you can contact me :- 7251001193 my name is charan singh, i will arrange u transport from dehradun to dhauala

Suresh Rana replied 4 years ago

Sangla to Simla
as far as I know there are 2 to 3 direct buses to Shimla form Sangla. It take 8 to 9 hours from sangla, you will get Bus and shared taxi to simla from sangla.

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randev panwar answered 4 years ago

Dehradun to Dhula Dehradun- Purola – Mori – Naitwar – Dhula 3 bus run from Dehraun to sankri, 5:00 Am from Dehradun railway station 7:00 Am from Dehradun railway station 8:00 Am from Dehradun railway station Change your  bus from mori to Dhula, from mori book a taxi to dhula,  

bhajan panvar answered 4 years ago

From Dehradun Railways  Three buses  leaves early morning around 5:00 AM. To 8:00 AM
In which two buses are private and one bus is uttarakhand government bus.
Take ticket to mori station, from Mori you book taxi to dhula,

Guddu Rana answered 4 years ago

How to Reach Dhaula
Dhauala is located in Uttrakhand. It is base camp for Rupin pass trek.

  • The nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport, Dehradun, Uttrakhand.
  • Nearest rail head is Dehradun Utrakhand.

There are two or Three buses that leave early morning 5:00 AM from railway station, you have to get down at Naitwar and can look for shared taxi from there to Dhauala. You can also hire a cab from Naitwar, it costs around 800 to 1000 rupees to book a cab. It’s a 40 mins drive from Naitwar.
Need a help call me 7500380418 (Guddu Rana)

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