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raghav jadhav asked 4 years ago

We are group of four friends from Bengaluru are planning for Rupin pass trek in June 2019. can anybody share some important tips for rupin pass trek,

santosh Staff replied 4 years ago

We have shared the details over email. You can also check the following link for Rupin pass Trek.

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rajesh ojha answered 4 years ago

I did Rupin pass trek in the month of june 2018, I share some trekking tips and my preparation for the rupin pass trek, You will get a lot of help from this

  • Reduce the bag weight as much u can, 6-5 is recommended. As the bag/dresses get wet in rain, the bag weight increases and it will make your trek more difficult


  • Try to reach one day earlier in Dehradun. One day rest before trek always helps to give our body enough rest to prepare for a good trek.


  • Trekking Gear: I strongly suggest not to compromise on your trekking gears quality. Just think of a situation, where your shoes is damaged and you are not able walk. You don’t have a good enough jacket to withstand cold and the temperature goes below 5 degree.


  • One stick is enough, so that you can give support with another hand while trekking in difficult terrains.


  • Poncho experience was horrible. The buttons kept coming off in wind and you have to keep holding the bottom part while trekking difficult terrains. In my opinion rain cot + nag cover would be a better option.


  • Did jogging 3 to 4 Km  and some exercises like sit up, push up daily
Sangeeta answered 4 years ago

This is a high altitude trek towards the end so plan your physical schedule a month in advance climbing steps; running or other cardio exercise for 30 minutes and strengthening exercise for the legs -3 days a week. AMS can strike anyone so keep drinking water, garlic soup and munching pop corn to remain healthy