What is GST billing? Please tell me the details?

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhat is GST billing? Please tell me the details?
Prasoon Jack asked 4 years ago

Did you know about GST billing? What is GST billing and I need some of details and brief explanation. I need to follow the updates and news in my mail. More types of products are covered the GST calculations and other details for GST rates.  Important rules and helping nature of ideas are available in your hand now? Share my points and needed information here. My friend support to register my GST products and related information in online and i have collect the invoice added with that. GST invoices and payment related information are needed.
I need to ask queries to you need the high level of real points and accurate news is read daily. Please give me the GST registration format and secured queries are available for with one app. How to download that application online for android phone. What are the features and objectives are available. I need to download the details in my computer. I am also sharing the important matters and ideas to my friends. I am using the best sources for showing the details as clear way. But i cannot know about the GST billing. I am knowing only GST registration and filing the returns in online. 
Give some sample reports and some examples for my discussion. I am using the phone for collecting the important sources and updates also. My friends are sharing those details with my mail id. I am also sharing my reviews and thoughts to them.  Please support me and give more information here.My father to be needed to apply pan card and GST billing software to using for their business. Now i am learning the process and working matter from my mobile phone. I am getting the some notification and alert also. It is very useful for me. Now i need to know the GST billing and what is the easy way for know about that?

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