Utttarakhand Trip Trek: Mayali Pass Trek Snapinsta.app_28152538_172350980074342_2027160620238897152_n_1024  
Utttarakhand Trip Trek: Mayali Pass Trek Snapinsta.app_84049890_183552002991334_399937455441966460_n_1024  
Utttarakhand Trip Trek: Mayali Pass Trek Snapinsta.app_241214514_136004818730066_9197415989943261897_n_1024  
Utttarakhand Trip Trek: Mayali Pass Trek Snapinsta.app_283227008_1639481056420709_594075791922332010_n_1024  
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Mayali Pass

Mayali Pass Trek

The Mayali Pass Trek, regarded as one of the best treks in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas, provides breathtaking vistas of the highest Himalayan peaks from every angle.The entire Mayali Pass Trekking trail is packed with breathtaking blossoms and charming water bodies, the awe-inspiring scenic views of which will soothe your body and mind and free you from the tiredness of the trek.From Ghuttu to Kharsoli Meadow, the Mayali Pass Hiking trek is quite simple and provides magnificent grasslands, exotic teak, and alpine woods.From Kharsoli, the trail gets tougher and you need to catch high altitudes. Masar Tal and Vasuki Tal, two stunning high-altitude lakes, will give you the wonderful opportunity to enjoy lakeside camping.Nature will offer you even youthful views as your Mayali Pass Trekking trail takes you to the stunning Mayali Glacier.



Total Trekking

98 kilometers




5,300 meters



Minimum Age

16 year


May — June (15C to 20C and night 7C to2C) Sept — Oct (15C to 10C and night 5C to -5C).

Best Season

Pre Monsoon Season:— May first week to June end and post monsoon Season:- September 2nd week to Nov first week.


Day 1: Transfer from Rishikesh to Ghuttu

  • The Mayali Pass Trekking Tour will begin with a departure from Rishikesh for Ghuttu on the first day.
  • Ghuttu village is located at an approximate distance of around 138 kilometers from Rishikesh and it will take you about 8 to 9 hours to reach there.
  • Upon arriving at Ghuttu, you will check-in your hotel and rest overnight.

Day 2: Trek from Ghuttu to Reehi

  • Your Mayali Pass Trek will actually start from the second day.
  • You will hike today to Reehi village, which is seven to eight kilometres (uphill) from Ghuttu.
  • The trail will take you through the village of Deolang, whose lush green landscape will offer you a spectacular postcard-perfect scenery to soak in.
  • You will arrive in Reehi in the evening and check into a GMVN rest house or spend the night in a tent.

Day 3: Trek from Reehi to Gangi

  • You will hike the 12 kilometres from Reehi village to Gangi village on the third day.
  • After the first one hour of your climb, you will reach Buranschauri.
  • Where you will cover a trekking trail of another 2 to 3 hours to finally arrive at Gangi, which is located at an elevation of around 2,500 meters above sea level.
  • You will spend the night in your tent once you get in Gangi village.

Day 4 : Trek from Gangi to Kharsoli

  • Trekking from Gangi hamlet to Kharsoli, which is around 15 kilometres away, is scheduled for the fourth day.
  • Before reaching the lovely meadow of Khasoli, you will also journey through entrancingly thick forests.
  • By 7 o'clock, you'll have dinner and take in the campfire and relaxing music.

Day 5 : Trek from Kharsoli to Chowki

  • Early morning, on the fifth day, you will start your trek from Kharsoli to Chowki.
  • This is about 4,000 metres above sea level and is about 12 kilometres distant.
  • You will set your camp by the tranquil Doodh Ganga river when you get to Chowki village late in the day.
  • Spend the night in your tent.

Day 6 : Trek from Chowki to Masar Tal

  • On this day, you will first take a few kilometers uphill.
  • Then descend to the beautiful Masar Tal, which is situated at a height of around 3,000 meters above sea level.
  • After a five to six-hour downhill trip, you will arrive here.
  • you can pitch your tent by the calm lake and spend the rest of your day soaking in the picturesque scenery.
  • Spend the night in your tent.

Day 7 : Trek from Masar Tal to Vasuki Tal via Mayali Pass

  • Early in the morning of the seventh day, you will cover a trekking trail of around 3 kilometers.
  • Once you reach Vasuki Tal after an uphill journey of about 6 to 7 hours.
  • See the gorgeous Vasuki Tal, which is located 4800 metres above sea level.
  • You can set up your tent near the picturesque lake and enjoy the rest of the day in the magnificent wilderness.
  • Stay overnight in Camp.

Day 8 : Trek from Vasuki Tal to Kedarath

  • This day will be all about a trekking tour to the religious town of Kedarnath.
  • Which is situated about 5 kilometres away from Vasuki Tal.
  • Once you reach Kedarnath after a climb of around 3 to 4 hours, you will explore the temple.
  • Rest overnight in a guesthouse there.

Day 9 : Trek from Kedarnath to Gaurikund

  • You will Trek14 kilometres downhill from Kedarnath to Gaurikund after breakfast.
  • Your overnight stay will be at a hotel in Gaurikund.

Day 10 : Transfer from Gaurikund to Rishikesh

  • On this day, your Mayali Pass Trek will come to a conclusion, and after a sumptuous breakfast, you will depart from Gaurikund for Rishikesh.
  • You will reach Rishikesh in the afternoon, after a journey of 8 to 9 hours.
  • You will proceed on your way back home.
Mayali Pass

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Mayali Pass Trek
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 Rs 49,000  
Rs 10000 per person
Rishikesh to Rishikesh
5% GST will be applicable on the fee.
Need More Information? Call/Whats'app to our Trek Coordinator on


Departure Dates

Day 1:- Transfer from Rishikesh to Ghuttu
Day 2:- Trek from Ghuttu to Reehi
Day 3:- Trek from Reehi to Gangi
Day 4:- Trek from Gangi to Kharsoli
Day 5:- Trek from Kharsoli to Chowki
Day 6:- Trek from Chowki to Masar Tal
Day 7:- Trek from Masar Tal to Vasuki Tal via Mayali Pass
Day 8:- Trek from Vasuki Tal to Kedarath
Day 9:- Trek from Kedarnath to Gaurikund
Day 10:- Transfer from Gaurikund to Rishikesh

Reporting Information

Reporting Time
6.30 am To 7.30 am
On Last Day
5.30 pm To 6.30 pm

Trek Inclusions/Exclusions


Transport to and from the base camp
The above trek cost includes transport to and from base camp.
Safety equipment
First aid, medical kit, oxygen cylinders, stretchers, Walkie-Talkie etc. will be available at campsite.
Stay is included from Day 1 to Last Day. Tents/Homestays/lodges will be provided. Tripple sharing Accommodation and separate accommodation for girls/ladies will be provided
All meals from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast at Last day are included. Veg food will be provided during the trek.
Permits/ Forest fees
UTT will arrange trekking permits and forest passes.
Experienced Trek Leader & Team
Qualified trek leaders haing in basic / advanced mountaineering courses certificates/ degrees will assist trek.
Other staff member includes qualified cooks, helpers and porters.


Food during transit to and from the base camp
Food would not be provided during transit and trekkers have to bear the cost at their own.
Mule and Porter charges
Generally we expect trekkers to carry their bag-pack and luggage themselves. For those who wish to use Mule/Porter need to pay Rs 350 per day for same.
Personal Expense
Personal Expense of any kind. The trek cost does not include stay at any location on last day
*Anything apart from inclusions

Trek Equipments On Rent

On Rent
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