Best Time To Visit Uttarkashi

Summer (April to June):

Weather: Uttarkashi experiences pleasant weather during summer with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 30°C during the day. Nights can be cooler, especially in higher elevations.

Activities: Summer is perfect for pilgrimage, trekking, camping, and other outdoor activities. The region is lush green and vibrant due to the melting snow.

Attractions:- Gangotri Temple: A major pilgrimage site dedicated to Goddess Ganga, accessible during this season.
Dayara Bugyal: A beautiful alpine meadow ideal for trekking and camping.
Nehru Institute of Mountaineering: Offers courses and trekking expeditions.

Advantages: Ideal weather for outdoor activities and sightseeing.
Accessibility to higher-altitude areas like Gangotri is easier compared to other seasons.
The natural beauty of the region is at its peak with greenery and blooming flowers.

Monsoon (July to September):

Weather: Uttarkashi receives moderate to heavy rainfall during the monsoon, which can lead to landslides and roadblocks.

    Activities: Trekking and outdoor activities are limited due to safety concerns. However, this season offers lush green landscapes and a chance to witness waterfalls in full flow.

    Attractions: Indoor activities such as visiting local temples, exploring cultural sites, and enjoying the monsoon scenery.

    Advantages: Fewer tourists, providing a quieter and more serene experience.
    The region looks incredibly scenic with lush greenery and waterfalls.

    Autumn (October to November):

    Weather: Post-monsoon, autumn brings clear skies and pleasant temperatures ranging from 10°C to 25°C during the day.

    Activities: Autumn is excellent for trekking, sightseeing, and enjoying the scenic beauty of Uttarkashi. The landscapes are vibrant with autumn colors.

    Attractions: Similar attractions as in summer, but with clearer skies and cooler temperatures.

    Advantages: Comfortable weather for outdoor activities.
    The clear skies provide excellent visibility for mountain views and photography.
    It’s less crowded compared to the peak summer season.

    The best time to visit Uttarkashi generally spans from April to June and again from October to November. Always check weather forecasts and road conditions before planning your trip to Uttarkashi for a smooth and enjoyable experience.


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