How to Reach Yamunotri

Planning a spiritual journey to Yamunotri? In this guide, we provide you with valuable information on how to reach Yamunotri, including a road route map, distance chart, and insights into the location of Yamunotri. Furthermore, we’ll also share details about the puja rates in nearby spiritual destinations such as Kedarnath and Badrinath. Let’s embark on this enlightening pilgrimage!  Yamunotri, a place of immense spiritual significance, is a destination that attracts devotees from far and wide. If you’re planning a visit to Yamunotri, this comprehensive guide will provide you with valuable information on how to reach this sacred pilgrimage site. From the nearest airports and railway stations to road routes and trekking options, we have you covered. Let’s delve into the different modes of transportation to reach Yamunotri.

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How To Reach Yamunotri Dham

By Road: Delhi to Yamunotri: Yamunotri is approximately 450 kilometers from Delhi. You can take a bus from ISBT Kashmiri Gate in Delhi to Barkot or Hanuman Chatti.Alternatively, you can hire a taxi or drive to Hanuman Chatti, the last motorable point before the trek to Yamunotri.

Haridwar/Rishikesh to Yamunotri: Hanuman Chatti is around 215 kilometers from Haridwar and 225 kilometers from Rishikesh. Regular buses and taxis are available from both Haridwar and Rishikesh to Hanuman Chatti.

By Air: The nearest airport to Yamunotri is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Yamunotri. The distance between Jolly Grant Airport and Yamunotri is approximately 180 kilometers.

By Train: The nearest railway station to Yamunotri is Rishikesh Railway Station, located about 215 kilometers away. From Rishikesh, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to proceed further. Haridwar Railway Station is another option, which is approximately 230 kilometers away from Yamunotri.


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Yamunotri Dham Yatra Route 

  1. Start from Delhi:
    • Delhi → Ghaziabad → Meerut → Muzaffarnagar → Roorkee → Haridwar
  2. Haridwar to Barkot:
    • Haridwar → Rishikesh → Chamba → Tehri → Dharasu → Barkot
  3. Barkot to Yamunotri:
    • Barkot → Hanuman Chatti → Phool Chatti → Janki Chatti → Yamunotri

Yamunotri Dham Distance Chart 

Delhi to Haridwar 220 Km 
Haridwar to Barkot160 Km
Dehradun to Barkot140 Km
Barkot toYamunotri 36 Km 

 Yamunotri Trekking From Hnuman Chatti

For adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers, trekking to Yamunotri is a popular option. The trek starts from Hnuman Chatti, which is accessible by road. The trekking route offers mesmerizing views of the Himalayas and takes approximately 6-7 hours to reach Yamunotri.

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