Pithoragarh is a district located in the northern state of Uttarakhand, India. It is situated in the Kumaon region and is known for its breathtaking landscapes, picturesque valleys, and proximity to the international borders with Nepal and China.The district is surrounded by the districts of Bageshwar, Champawat, and Almora within Uttarakhand.

uttarakhand Pithoragarh
uttarakhand Pithoragarh

Activities In Pithoragarh

Trekking and Hiking: Pithoragarh is surrounded by scenic mountains and offers various trekking opportunities. Popular trekking routes include the Pindari Glacier Trek, Kafni Glacier Trek, and the Namik Glacier Trek.

Sightseeing: Explore the town’s attractions, including the Pithoragarh Fort, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. You can also visit the Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple and the Chandak Hills.

Religious Tourism: Pithoragarh has several temples and religious sites. Visit the Thal Kedar Temple, Dhwaj Temple, and Arjuneshwar Shiva Temple to experience the spiritual side of the region.

Camping: Enjoy the natural beauty of Pithoragarh by camping in the surrounding areas. There are various camping sites that provide a serene environment amidst the Himalayan landscape.

Wildlife Safari: Explore the nearby wildlife sanctuaries such as Askot Wildlife Sanctuary and the Musk Deer Sanctuary. These sanctuaries are home to diverse flora and fauna, offering opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts.

Photography: Capture the stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and architectural marvels of Pithoragarh. The town and its surroundings provide ample opportunities for photography.

River Rafting: If you’re an adventure enthusiast, you can indulge in river rafting in the nearby rivers, such as the Kali River.

Bird Watching: The region around Pithoragarh is known for its diverse avian population. Bird watchers can enjoy spotting various species in the lush greenery surrounding the town.

History Of Pithoragarh

Pithoragarh has a significant historical importance due to its strategic location on the ancient trade routes connecting Tibet, Kumaon, and the Ganges plains.
The Gorkhas, under the leadership of Amar Singh Thapa, captured Pithoragarh in the late 18th century. However, the British East India Company defeated the Gorkhas in the Anglo-Nepalese War (1814–1816), and Pithoragarh came under British control as part of the Treaty of Sugauli. Pithoragarh became an important administrative center during the British rule in India. It was a part of the United Provinces (now Uttarakhand) and played a role in the governance of the region.
After India gained independence in 1947, Pithoragarh became a part of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Later, in 2000, when Uttarakhand was carved out as a separate state, Pithoragarh became one of its districts.

The region is home to various temples and historical sites that reflect the cultural diversity and religious practices of the area.
Pithoragarh is also known for its fairs and festivals, which are celebrated with enthusiasm and highlight the rich cultural traditions of the region.


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How To Reach Pithoragarh

By Road

From Delhi:Pithoragarh is approximately 500 km away from Delhi. You can take a bus from ISBT Anand Vihar or drive to Pithoragarh. The journey by road takes around 14-15 hours, depending on the mode of transportation and traffic conditions.

From Kathgodam:If you are coming from Kathgodam, you can take a bus or hire a taxi to reach Pithoragarh. The distance is around 250 km, and the journey takes approximately 8-9 hours.

By Train

The nearest major railway station to Pithoragarh is Tanakpur Railway Station (around 151 km away). From Tanakpur, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Pithoragarh.

By Air

The nearest airport to Pithoragarh is Naini Saini Airport (IATA: NNS), which is a small domestic airport. However, flights to Naini Saini Airport may be limited.

Frequently Asked Questions Registrations

1. Where is Pithoragarh located?

Pithoragarh is a town and a municipal board in the Pithoragarh district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is situated in the eastern part of the state, near the Indo-Nepal border.

2. What is the altitude of Pithoragarh?

  • Pithoragarh is located at an altitude of approximately 1,650 meters (5,413 feet) above sea level. The town is nestled amidst the foothills of the Himalayas, offering panoramic views of the surrounding peaks.

3. What is Pithoragarh famous for?

Pithoragarh is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, including snow-capped Himalayan peaks, lush valleys, and scenic landscapes. It’s also known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance.

4. What is the best time to visit Pithoragarh?

The best time to visit Pithoragarh is during the summer months (April to June) and the autumn months (September to November) when the weather is pleasant, and the skies are clear.

5. What are the main attractions in Pithoragarh?

  • Some of the main attractions in Pithoragarh include Pithoragarh Fort, Kapileshwar Mahadev Temple, Chandak Hills, Askot Wildlife Sanctuary, Ralam Glacier, and numerous trekking routes offering breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

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