Vasudhara Falls

Vasudhara Falls is a stunning waterfall located near Badrinath in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, India. It’s a mesmerizing sight, plunging down from a height of about 400 feet (122 meters) amidst the lush greenery of the Himalayas. The falls are not just a natural marvel but also hold cultural significance in Hindu mythology.

vasudhara fall, uttarakhand
vasudhara fall, uttarakhand
Famous ForTrekking
Altitude 12000 ft
Mana Village 5 Km From Mana Village
Nearest Railway Station or    AirportRishikesh, 300kms/ Jolly Grant Airport, 320 kms
Best time to visit May, Jun, Sep, Oct, 

Vasudhara falls in Mana

Vasudhara falls mesmerizing natural spectacle, cascading down from a height of about 400 feet amidst the picturesque Himalayan landscape.The trek to Vasudhara Falls is quite scenic, passing through beautiful meadows and rocky terrains, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks. It’s a moderately challenging trek and a popular pilgrimage site for those visiting Badrinath.Many visitors come here not just for the natural beauty but also for the spiritual experience it offers. The serenity of the place, coupled with the thunderous sound of the cascading water, creates an atmosphere that’s both awe-inspiring and serene.

Treks From Vasudhara Falls

Vasudhara Falls is a stunning waterfall located in the Mana village near Badrinath in Uttarakhand, India. The trek to Vasudhara  offers a beautiful and moderately challenging experience.The trek starts from Mana Village, and the initial part is relatively easy. It involves a gradual ascent through scenic landscapes, crossing streams, and dense forests.

How To Reach Vasudhara Falls

By Road

From Dehradun: Start from Dehradun and take NH7 towards Rishikesh. From Rishikesh, continue on NH7 towards Devprayag. From Joshimath, Vasudhara Falls is accessible via trekking routes. Alternatively, you can hire a local guide or arrange for a private vehicle to reach the nearest point, Mana village.

From Haridwar: Begin from Haridwar and take NH7 towards Rishikesh. Follow the same route as mentioned above from Rishikesh to Vasudhara Falls.

By Train

The nearest major railway station is Dehradun Railway Station. From Dehradun, follow the road route mentioned earlier to reach Vasudhara Falls.

By Air

The nearest airport to Vasudhara Falls is the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. After reaching Joshimath, continue the journey by road or trekking to Vasudhara Falls.

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