How difficult is Rupin Pass Trek

Dificulty Level

camp site on rupin pass trek
camp site on rupin pass trek

The Rupin Pass trek is a medium to difficult level trek. It does have a mix of different terrains including muddy, slippery, snow and rocky. However, there is also an immense amount of adventure and excitement that you will experience while doing this trek.

It surely will test your endurance as well. People who love adventure and are up for new challenges will surely love this experience. Sights on the trek are absolutely stunning.

Although the trek is quite frequented by many trekkers, there are portions which are not so well defined. There is a fair mix of gradual and steep ascent during the whole trail.

If you are leading a rather sedentary life, then make sure you workout or make yourself physically fit a month prior to this in order to do this trek. Making yourself mentally prepared for this will also help. You can use a walking stick during the trek. The trek passes through some high altitudes and there might be low levels of oxygen.

Some people might experience difficulties with that, so they should come prepared. Also the temperatures high up there might be very low, proper woollen clothes and gear should be carried.

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