Nandprayag, Uttarakhand

Nandprayag is the second Prayag from “Panchaprag”. This Prayag is one of the tourist destinations located in the Uttarakhand land. In Uttarakhand, “Nandaprayag” is located at the confluence of rivers Nandakini and Alaknanda. About 21 km further on the Badrinath road in the north from Karnprayag is the holy confluence of rivers Nandakini and Alaknanda. This place was considered “the capital of the Yadu kingdom” in the Dwapar era.

Here is the beautiful temple of Nanda Devi. This place was named “Nandprayag” with the names of the temple of Nanda Devi, samudram of Nand and the confluence of Nandakini. The origin of the river Nandakini is the glacier of “Nanda Devi Mountains” and it can be said that the name of this place will be named “Nandprayag” in the name of the mountain and the river derived from it, but its relation with the legend is associated with Lord Krishna.

Holy confluence of rivers Nandakini and Alaknanda.(PC:- Rupak Sarkar) 


  1. In the mythology about Nandprayag, it is said that “Nandprayag” in Skandpura was called Kanva Ashram. Where the story of Dushyant and Shakuntala has been made. Completely the name of this place changed so that in this place, Nand Baba had done penance till the year. According to legend, at this place, Nand Maharaj pleased God Narayana and had done austerity for obtaining austerity.
  2. In relation to Nandprayag, a story or mystery is associated with “Chandika Mandir”. It is said that the statue of the Goddess was floating in the Alaknanda river and showed an ancestor of the present priest in this dream. Meanwhile some shepherds hid the statue in the river bank of the river. When they did not return home by the evening, the people searched for them for a long time. And when the idol was found, he was found unconscious in front of that statue and according to another dream, the priest was ordered to keep the “Suryantra” with the idol.
  3. According to Rathin Mitra’s Temples of Garhwal and Other Landmarks, Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam 2004, according to the tradition, Lord Nanda, Lord Krishna’s father, came to fulfill his greatness here in the latter part of his life and named after him “Nandprayag”.