One of the five Prayags of Uttarakhand is “Devprayag”. “Devprayag” is a city and a famous pilgrimage place. This place is considered to be one of the Panch Prayags of Uttarakhand state. It is said about this place that when King Bhagirath celebrated the Ganga on earth, 33 crore Goddesses also descended from heaven with the Ganges and the Goddess made her residence in “Devprayag”, which is the Ganges Is the birthplace of Due to being situated at the Sangam site, “Devprayag” is the religious significance of the devotee of Tirtha Prayag. This place meets the confluence of Bhagirathi and the Alaknanda river. After this confluence site, this river is known as “Ganges River”. “Devprayag” is located at the confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagarthi. “Bhagirathi River” 25 km from Gomukh Place Originates from the gangotri glacier.

“Alaknanda river” comes from Uttarakhand, which is known as Gangotri, which is known as Satopath and Bhagirath Khadak, which is called the Gangotri. Devprayag is situated at an altitude of 830 meters above sea level. “Rishikesh” is the nearest city to this shrine. Which is 70 km away from Devprayag. From the side of this place, “Alaknanda” and from the other side, “Bhagirathi” comes in the way, the scene looks very amazing. Devprayag is also called “Sudarshan Area”. It is said that there is no single crow in this place. This is a surprise in itself.

Confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi (PC:- Tejovanth N) 


According to legend, Rishimuni Devsharma performed austerity meditation on Lord Vishnu at this place. Lord Vishnu, pleased with the hard austerity of Rishimuni Devsharma, boasted that the popularity of this place will be expanded in three people and this place will be known as your name till date. Since then this place has got the title of “Devprayag”


  1. Devprayag is a special pilgrimage place associated with Lord Rama. According to legendary belief, Lord Rama had returned after winning conquering Lanka, then Lord Rama had been advised to be free from the sin of “killing of Ravana” ie Ravan’s slaughter, Rishimini suggested that in Devprayag, on the confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda, From this, Lord Rama can get rid of the blame of Brahman murder, so Lord Rama, sitting on a rock in the sadhana place near the confluence of the rivers, Dada practiced till the time and in the present time the pedda priest shows that rock. There is still a mark on that huge rock, as long as someone is sloping in the rocks of someone and being scratched.
  2. A small cave is located on the edge of Sangam near the temple of Ganga Maa. Which is known as “Hanuman Cave”. It is believed that Hanuman cave located in Devprayag, Lord Hanuman came to this place. And he had meditated on Lord Ram after taking a holy bath in Devprayag. And at the present time a statue of Shri Hanuman ji has emerged above a rock in Devprayag.
  3. According to the Garhwal region, “Bhagirathi River” is called Saas and “Alaknanda River” is called “Bahu”.
  4. On the edge of Devprayag’s confluence is the title of Lord Rama’s lotus. The belief of Devprayag is also that Lord Rama sacrificed his parents in this place. Therefore, in Devprayag, people consider their ancestors to perform religious rituals.

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  1. By your article, I get to know more mythological facts about DevPrayag. It gives more knowledge about the stories behind this holy place. I belong to Uttarakhand and I heard this saas-bahu logic about Alaknanda – Bhagirathi from my Dadi.

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