Nelong Valley

Nelong Valley, also known as the ‘Secret Hindustan,’ is a breathtaking and secluded valley located in the northeastern region of Uttarakhand, India. Situated near the Indo-China border, it was once a restricted area due to security reasons but was later opened for tourism, albeit with certain restrictions. The valley boasts stunning landscapes with snow-capped peaks, lush meadows, glaciers, and a serene river flowing through it. It’s known for its raw natural beauty and unique biodiversity, home to rare Himalayan flora and fauna.

Nelong uttarakhand
Nelong Valley  Uttarakhand
Famous ForLadakh of Uttarakhand 
Altitude 11,009 feet
Railway Station /Nearest Airport Jolly Grant 250 kms / 272 kms
Nelong Valley – The Ladakh of Uttarakhand

The Valley opened to tourists in 2015 and quickly became a popular spot for adventure lovers. It looks a lot like Ladakh, with tall peaks and landscapes similar to Lahaul, Spiti Valley, and Ladakh. The cold, empty mountain area in Nelong  is like a copy of Tibet in terms of its geography. Since it’s part of Gangotri National Park, visitors can’t stay overnight within the 25 km stretch between Bhairavghati and Nelong.     


Nelong Valley Permit Information 

To go to the valley, you have to get permission from the local magistrate and show a certificate saying you’re physically fit for the trip.  Right now, only Indian tourists can visit

Place to Visit Near Nelong Valley

Gartang Gali


How To Reach Nelong Valley 
  • Start your journey from Uttarkashi town.
  • From Uttarkashi, you’ll need to travel towards the Gangotri National Highway.
  • The road from Uttarkashi to Nelong goes via Harsil.
  • Hire a private taxi or use local transport services available in Uttarkashi to reach Nelong.

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